Speaking Engagements

The authors are available to speak at conferences and community events on the subject of couples taking Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew their goals and relationships. Please email for availability!

Timeout For The Wedding Waltz

The Wedding Waltz: The steps from a couple’s courtship dance to the wedding waltz often involves an intricate and interconnected dance floor of evolving relationships with friends and family. Taking a Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew along the way just might be the surest way to keep that wedding waltz smile on both your […]

Working Your Relationships: How Do You Roll?

Something as basic as how you roll the toilet paper, over or under – and whether it differs from your spouse’s method – could signal tumultuous times ahead, according to a new book at the heart of a Harper College seminar series. As the authors of Timeout! To Retreat, Review and Renew put it, “It’s […]