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by Grady Harp on Timeout!
A Short, Sweet, and Valuable Guide to Harmony

PJ Campagna, the name of the author of this guide to improving the quality of relationships, says a lot! This is the moniker that Phyllis and Jerry Campagna have adopted to emphasize just how important is the coming together to nurture relationships - they are so melded in their delivery of sharing thoughts that they only need one name that indicates two people speaking as one.

We are in rough waters art present with the economic crises globally and the other distractions of securing an income that is stable and reliable, and one of the places where anxiety can become manifest is in the sanctity of the home. Too often the stresses of the outside world get played out on the day to day union of a couple. What the Campagnas have done is provided a service station for couples - preventative medicine to assure that relationships survive and thrive the climate of now.

The recipe Is straightforward and once started can become part of a life pattern where and when it is most needed. The offer the concept of Timeout! - planning for, preparing for, and actually participating in a getaway - far from interruptions even by phones and computers connected to the internet, a place that become a private getaway where couples can be together in peace to slow down the speed of living that distracts form noticing the `smell of the flowers', relax with each other and then go about the `servicing' of the relationship by review where the relationship is currently, where the couple would like to see the relationships go, sharing honest feelings about each other in a safe haven of trust, and then break out the plans for renewing the quality of the relationship - romantically, socially, financially and prospectively!

The Campagnas use this simple three-step system: Retreat, Review, Renew. But they don't leave it as a `pie in the sky' suggestion. In this book are guides on how to approach each of the three steps and instructions on how to carry out this planned retreat to assure that returning home will be an enlightening and brightening experience. The book is filled with catch words, acronyms, and simple items such as table talk - each having major significance in assuring the success of this regularly scheduled relationship `tune-up'. It is wise, helpful, and much needed.

By Grady Harp | November 11, 2011

by Sharon Fender on Timeout!

They have delivered a blueprint for a life-changing process. It is instructive and non threatening, encouraging without a hint of preaching. It is flexible and fluid lacking the rigid formality of a blueprint. It's personal and revealing and thus believable. It has been a great additional to our library and life.

by Rochelle on Timeout!
Great life book

Not being in a relationship at the moment, I wondered if this book would really speak to me. After sitting down to read it though, my doubts were immediately set to rest. This book is not just about the business of love relationships, it's full of helpful hints about constructive and positive communication in any sort of relationship. I see myself using the techniques in this book to further my success in business relationships between me and my work associates and I will also be able to use these lessons when dealing with clients. Thank you PJ Campagna! Keep up the great work!

by Philip on Timeout!

Thanks for the wonderful book!