Over 50 Attend First Timeout! Book Presentation on 1/24/12

Phyllis & Jerry (PJ) Campagna were more than a little nervous before the start of their first Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew book presentation at the Gail Borden Library in Elgin on 1/24/12 with over 50 people attending the event.  And… as the evening evolved with laughter and lots of questions from the audience–it was all good for all!

The attendees were a mix of young and “seasoned”; married and single; family and friends.  One of the most frequently asked questions related to whether Timeout! applied to singles and in-between relationships.  The answer, Absolutely!  For while Timeout! was developed out of PJ desire to establish better communication and goal setting as they started to evolve as a couple and family–the interpersonal communication strategies outlined in the book apply to all types of relationships–from the breakfast room, to the boardroom to the breakroom–Timeout is about building trust and understanding.

PJ would also like to Books By Sunset for donating 50% of book proceeds from the evening to The Literacy Connection in Elgin and for the Gail Borden Library for hosting the presentation as part of their ongoing “Authors on the Fox” book series.

As the self proclaimed “Playbook for Happily Ever After!”… all who attended the Timeout! presentation seemed to leave with wider smiles than when they arrived!